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Titanium Pipe Roller Mould

Product Details

Round tube rolls,     Tube tooling,    Square/ rectangular tube roll tooling,      Stainless steel tube rolls,  Rolls for cold forming section and profile.


Round Tube size:     Φ6~Φ711mm   

Square& rectangular tube size: 10x10~500x500mm      10x20mm~400x600mm. 


Raw material:   

Chinese standard:  Cr12,   Cr12MoV,   Cr12Mo1V1,    Aluminum bronze etc.

JIS:   SLD,   SKD11   

DIN:  1.2080   1.2379     

ASTM:  D3     D2.   H13


Machining process:

Raw material----Saw cutting----Rough machining----Semi finishing----In-process inspection & Marking

---- Vacuum Heat-treatment----Face Machining---Inner hole machining----Cavity finish machining---- linear cutting----Inspection----Packing.


Roll Hardness:58~62HRC          

Template's tolerance ≤0.05mm

Roughness  (1)Inner bore        (2)End and other surface  

Inner Bore Diameter Tolerance: Class IT7.       Keyway tolerance: Class 9.


Geometric Tolerance (1)Radial run-out ≤0.05mm


                     (3)Faces parallel ≤0.05mm

 Ultrasonic Testing before packing.


Documents provided:

1)     Rolls gauge (Template).

2)     Material test certificate.

3)     Ultrasonic Testing For Raw Material.

4)     Heat treatment report.

5)     Product inspection report (Out-diameter, Inner hole, Thickness, Cavity, Hardness)


Guarantee period:  12 months after receiving the rolls. Not including the fin pass blade and SQ rolls.

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